Monday, 26 March 2012

So I am working on making my first tombstone for my yard haunt. I had a few pieces of pretty scraped up blue Styrofoam in my garage that I wanted to use for "practice". So far I have already bought some stencils and started by tracing a design on some craft paper my 9 year old had in her playroom. I am naming the first tombstone "Sydney" because I am making a marker in memory of our old farm dog who passed away last year.

I traced out the name, dates, and epitaph. I then carved out the letters with my excacto knife and drew over the outline with a fine point sharpie.

In order to carve out the inscription I am in need of a power tool. Luckily my fiance has offered to buy me a Master craft rotary tool set with a cutting tool attachment so I can use it like a router.

I have an official wish list of what to get next. I sure foam scraper. Some grey drylok. And some nasty chemicals I am going to use to rough up my already rough looking Styrofoam.

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