Thursday, 19 April 2012

So despite my really torn up hand I decided I would get creative yesterday. I used my feet to brace a lot of things and waited until my 9 year old was home to get some of the stuff done. First off I took an old drywall saw and cut out my base.Pictured above.

I was not at all acurate and I know I am going to have to fill in a bunch of spots with filler. But in the end I was happy the stone fit into the slots. I did two of these base pieces so my stone has a good sturdy bottom.

It's a good thing my helper had so many important calls to make. It kept her busy!

I then decided that I would get the lettering done come hell or highwater. I was in the zone and I really want to be able to get it glued together this weekend so I plunked it down on the living room table and got to work. I was having some issues with the heat on my rotary tool. As I was carving out the letters the tool got very hot and the heat started to effect the precision of the tool. I kept having to stop and wait for it to cool down. Which gave me time to dust bust all the foam that was flying around my living room. I wasn't sure about the silhouette I had hastily drawn on the top of the stone. But I really wanted to have a feeling that soemone had made the stone in their backyard to honor their departed pet. So I went with it. I left a bit of room at the top because I really would like to put some kind of dog collar wreath over it when I get it done.

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