Wednesday, 18 April 2012

So I had hand surgery on April 12th. It sucked. A lot. They had to be more aggressive then they thought and I am currently suffering bruises to the end of my fingertips. Why does this suck so much you ask? Well I had to take a week off work and I don't get paid for sick leave. And I thought in all my spare time I would be able to craft up some props. Ya....NOT! Its been 6 days since the surgery and I can still barely make a fist. Not to mention I picked up a nasty bug in the hospital and have been coughing and wheezing non stop. I should've eaten my Wheaties that day I guess. I am also having rotary tool issues. I cant find the right attachment to carve out my letters. I have been practicing on an old piece of foam and nothing is coming out right. I guess I will have to wing it and hope for the best. Hopefully by this weekend I will have made some more progress on my Sydney stone and am hoping to get it glued together and the base put on this weekend. So stay tuned! 

Beware of Frankenhand!!!! I love the bruised knuckles...makes me look tough!

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