Monday, 23 April 2012

Yesterday I went and purchased my first build items! I packed up my kiddos and went to breakfast...everyone needs some McD's hash browns before buying acetone right? I picked up some poly filla, PL foam adhesive, black spray paint, and looked desperately for a sure form shaver. At Canadian Tire. Then we jaunted on over to Rideau Home Lumber/Home Hardware which is where my good ole pop works. And picked up some acetone and grey drylok. I have to say, a woman marching 2 little girl children around a hardware store is slightly unnerving to all the men who work there. Especially when you say "I need a drywall rasp or the stanley sure form shaver." They blink, look scared and then translate the female voice into a male one so they can understand you.

My next step was to adhere the foam base pieces together and then insert the top of the stone into the base. Well I started off pretty good. I figured out how to get the PL into the gun thingy. And then...nothing. I squeezed, and pulled, and pushed. Nadda. Defeated I went to the house to ask my fiance how to work the gun thingy because I thought I must have done something wrong. Well despite it being the end of April-ish, last night it snowed 10 cm. And it had been pretty chilly in the garage. So my PL was a cold sludge. Ian (the fiance) then took the PL in the house to heat up a bit so I went ahead with ruining my stone. 

I really was not impressed with the chemical bubbling that happened with the acetone. I much preferred the look of the spray paint. I may be forced to get more creative. So now my stone is sitting in my garage drying up so I can get some drylok on it. I most definitely recommend banging around the foam a bit ahead of time. I think I might get my kids to play soccer with the next piece.

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