Monday, 7 May 2012

BLERGH! That's right...I used Liz Lemon's trademark noise of frustration! 

So...I'll let you in on a tiny piece of Elm St Girls world. I have a 9 year old and a 1 year old. In my part of the world the government gives you a small amount of money to help you raise your kids on a monthly basis. I had not realized that your martial status changes when you have a child together. My sister informed me of this and I immediately went and changed my marital status. It took almost 7 months for the government to realize that I had done so. And when I filed my taxes they said 'Oh hey! We've been overpaying you! We want that money back!" to the tune of EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!! I now owe the government for their own mistake. Which in itself it heartbreaking. They have taken my little baby bonus, my GST, HST, and any credits I receive. So I have lost almost $1000 a month. Not to mention...the day before I found out this was happening...I was also informed that my 9 year old`s father will not be giving me anymore child support. Because he decided to quit his job and start his "own" business. He also decided that he would tell the government agency that is responsible for him making payments that he "can't afford" the money he is legally supposed to pay for his child. So I lost another $366 a month. So to make a long story short. I am a woman with 2 kids who works full time minimum wage. Which is roughly $1400 a month. I just lost $1400 of my income. I just lost half of my income. Not only do I have to learn to live on this meager amount of money I am now making...but I also have to hire a lawyer to take my ex back to court and fight AGAIN for child support, but I also have to make payments out of my meager income to the government. prop building materials have become scarce and very very valuable.

I really give a huge thank you to TERRA, and Wayne.

 Terra is my Halloween angel and what she has provided for me is the chance to look past what is happening and enjoy something I just love, so fully. It really means the world to me. I get to unwind from this crazy hectic life and just enjoy what I love *halloween!* for a few hours every week or so. She`s the bee`s knee`s! 

And for my awesome new projector! Wayne you RULE! I am so so so grateful for the chance to grab this at such an awesome price! It really was a huge bright point in a month that has been fraught with CRAP! Your awesome!

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