Saturday, 23 February 2013

Elm St Changes

Lots of changes on Elm St...

First off. I am going to link up some pics from Halloween 2012. Here! So click that to see some of our display.

Secondly, I'm pregnant. Yup! having an October baby no less. It's still really early and we haven't told a lot of folks so I guess you guys are the first-ish to know. I am planning on going on maternity leave sometime in the summer so I can spend some time with my kids and start work on my props. This year my dad has become very involved and wants to start building a cauldron prop. So I will have details of that to add later. 

We have started to become crazy coupon people and are delving into homesteading a little bit. So saving money has become really important to us lately. This year I want to make 2 new stones and I had plans on a cemetery fence. But the more I think about it, the more it probably will not work with my display. So I am thinking of putting more time and energy into my lighting display and how to create our Hallowindow in a bigger way.

Looking forward to sharing 2013 with you guys!

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