Sunday, 24 March 2013

Well I've bought some of what I need....

Ok folks! I've got some messages from folks looking to see a new post so here I am. What have I got in store for 2013 you ask? Well first things first I am cooking a baby. Yup, that's right. Elm St Girl is 11 weeks pregnant. Our little pumpkin is due on October 11th. Now while most people would go "Oh that's awesome!" all of my home haunter's out there know that the timeline is kind of daunting. I will be setting up the haunt with a newborn. Not so easy. 

But it also gives me some downtime to be able to prepare what I have in mind. First things first. I have purchased a large amount of cheesecloth off ebay at a crazy good price to create...

They are a Martha creation. But I think I have a few different ideas. First off I am going to get some Rit whitener and make them glow. I also have a plan to somehow black out the eyes to add an extra creepy effect. I have decided to make 3. One for each of my upstairs windows and one for the corner of our haunted foyer. 

Stay tuned for more ideas for 2013. Including, planning and building a Victorian obelisk, and creating a cauldron creep.

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