Monday, 13 May 2013

Howdy all my ghouls!

Well it was Mother's Day yesterday and my husband bought me....styrofoam! Yay! I have been busy planning my next stone for ages it seems but now that I have the materials I have to get serious. So I have been looking up colonial headstones with winged skulls. 

Something about the image is very scary for me. They look sinister and it gives me an open to be able to discuss tombstone symbols with my guests. The issue as I saw it was the detailing. I need to be able to get some clean defined lines in there and I had no idea how to do it. So I scoured my mentor's tutorials and TERRA *who is the master of foam stones* uses a hot foam tool to get the detail I was looking for. A quick Google search ushered me to a Canadian website *always a bonus*

They have a wide variety of foam carving material and I got myself a 2 inch hot engraver for $32. So now I am very excited to start planning and practicing with the engraver. My next step is to find the perfect font!

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