Friday, 9 August 2013

Ebenezer Nickerson

My new stone is called "Scrooge" because the epitaph is for a guy named Ebenezer. I actually took the whole epitaph off of as picture I found of a tombstone from New England. It is an actual guy!

Now I used my new hot foam tool for the lettering and...well it took some serious getting used to. I found that I really should've got the tool with the heat variance. It doesn't help that my husband bought me the wrong kind of foam. Through no fault of his own, just a lack of direction on my part.

Holy pink snow! I scraped and sawed and fussed with it and made a lot of a mess. The whole stone ended up being almost 5 feet high. I know that pretty huge and extreme but I really want a few BIG stones for the back of the display.

The bottom ended up being my undoing. I wanted a spot for some stand up battery tapers and possibly some pvc dripping candles if I ever get around to making those. The issue you ask? Nothing fit together nicely once I got it cut out. It has huge gaps and cracks that I tried to stuff with hunks of shaved off foam and wood filler. The lesson lots of putty and filler. There are still some cracks but I plan on filling a lot of them in with scrunched up plastic wrap and covering it with moss.

I was so excited to start putting drylok on it the other day and I opened my can and found...IT WAS RUINED. I called my husband in tears because I had more then half a can and it was SO expensive and I am 31 weeks pregnant and cry at shampoo commercials. He failed to mention that perhaps I should've taken my paint indoors during winter and not to have let it freeze. *facepalm*

So later that day I went to drop my oldest off with my Dad who works at Home Hardware, and asked about some glow in the dark paint. Turns out I also found my drylok on sale for $29.99 and got my Dad's discount! SCORE! So now I am starting the arduous task of painting every little nook and cranny with drylok!

Now whose idea was it to have so many tiny letters on this thing?

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